Greens and Flowers that Dry Well

We use greens and florals all the time to help dress up a space, especially in staging, but also in clients homes to add a little greenery with very little maintenance.  There are a few go-to's that will last, and look good even when they have dried. 


Eucalyptus is probably our most used green. It smells awesome, and it comes in a few different shapes so you can achieve different looks. My favorite is seeded eucalyptus which has feather-like leaves and can be seen below on the left. 

Eucalyptus 3.jpg
eucalyptus 2.jpg

Laurel Leaves

Laurel leaves are similar to seeded eucalyptus but they have a greener color which can be stunning. Eucalyptus is a bit softer in color and texture, where as Laurel leaves are more waxy. Laurel leaves are the same as bay leaves (like the kind you use in cooking!).


There are a bunch of different kinds of these funky flowers, and they are all so cool! They are a little more expensive, but they will seriously last months. Totally worth the investment. 


I've always loved Thistles. The blues are so pretty and they look so wild and feminine all at once. They dry really well and will last a really long time. They tend to lose the bright blue but turn into a really dusty french blue that is equally as pretty.

Cody Elderkin