What to Buy on Etsy (for your home)

Etsy is so full of stuff that it can be hard to narrow down just what to buy. The 4 things I always find myself buying on there are Artwork, fun little Tchotchkes, Pottery Pieces, and Pillows. Check out my picks below!

There is so much great art out there and I love that Etsy has become a great place to find independent artists. There's something great about finding an artist on the site that totally speaks to you, but hasn't necessarily been "discovered" yet. 

It's kind of like having all your favorite vintage stores combined into one (and you don't have to get out of your pajamas to go look). I've found everything from a cool vintage clock, to an old camera, to a piece of coral (I even bought a stick off there...I know). 

Some pottery can be super expensive but generally on Etsy, you can find really cool pieces that are totally unique and oh so cool. I love the look of mixed pottery pieces for serving or even used as vases. 

Seriously some of the best pillows I've bought for clients came from Etsy. Again, because there are so many independent people on there, you actually have the ability for find a true one of a kind piece, or find pillows that were made from vintage fabric. 

Happy Shopping!


Cody Elderkin