3 Easy Florals to Dress Up Your Mother's Day Brunch Table

Mother's day is such a great way to celebrate the women in your life. My sister and I go over to my moms house every year to make her eggs benedict and have a little brunch (mimosas included). The tradition started when my sister learned to make hollandaise sauce from scratch and I got to show off my one cooking skill, making fried eggs (to this day, it's my only cooking skill). We've probably done it for the better part of 15 years and I always look forward to it. Something else I look forward to? Decorating the table! In the rush of the cooking, and the driving 40 mins to get there, I always opt for something simple, beautiful and SO easy, it's silly. My go-to's are below:

Potted Lavender: Lavender is super affordable, and super easy. You can generally find pots of them at Lowes or Home depot. The pots they come in aren't always the most attractive, so I like to wrap them in fabric. Burlap looks great! The great part of buying potted plants is that you can let your mom and other guests take them home with them (with no need to hunt them down to get your vase back later). Or, you can plant them and enjoy the lavender all for yourself!

Grocery Store Flowers: I know what you're thinking...EW. But hear me out, grocery store flowers can look great if you know what to do with them. My biggest fail-safe method is to buy all one kind of flower ONLY. Don't add the weird greens, or anything else, just stick with one flower. Tulips are always beautiful in spring, but if you can't find any of those, most grocery stores have bouquets of roses. White roses always look stunning. 

Succulents: Always so cute on any table! Again, you can usually find these at a home improvement store (Lowes/Home Depot), and they are usually super cheap. Sometimes you can even find pallets of them to buy them in bulk! I love the look of them in terra cotta pots, which you should be able to find at the same stores (also really affordable). I like to stick (no pun intended) to the ones without pricks just in case there are small children at the table or a scone pass across the table ends up deadly. 

Cactus 1.jpg

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating all those mamas! 

Cody Elderkin