My Favorite Tools

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I do a lot of furniture refinishing, and general around the house type things. So, I thought I would talk about my favorite tools.

Sander. This sander has saved my arms/hands about a thousand times. It's small enough for small pieces of furniture but big enough that it doesn't seem daunting to take on a big project. My favorite part is that the sand paper that attaches to it is velcro and so so so easy to change out!

Jigsaw. Jigsaws are really just a good thing to have around the house. If you're building furniture they're even better. Want to make a DIY upholstered headboard with a fancy shape? Want to cut a hole for a dog door? Make a corn hole game? Jigsaw's your man.

Ratcheting Screw Driver. I discovered the ratcheting screw driver a few years ago. I can not stress enough how much it has changed my life. It's basically the screw driver for lazy people. Sign me up!

Drill This drill is awesome. I actually had done insane amounts of research on drills before purchasing and had decided to go with a different drill. So I went down to the hardware store to make my purchase and realized that the drill I wanted was SO heavy. I could barely lift it with one hand and it certainly wasn't comfortable. So I decided to go for the store clerks suggestion and I couldn't be happier. This drill has a lithium battery and charges in only 15 minutes. It also has a light that shines on your subject while drilling. And its so light I am totally comfortable using it for long periods of time

Kitchen Scissors. I love a good pair of kitchen scissors. Good for cutting ends of flowers, or really anything.

Tip: cut some sandpaper with scissors to sharpen the blades!

Levels are great for hanging pictures or making sure you're building something level. I couldn't live without it.

Hammer/ Rubber Mallet. Hammers are pretty self explanatory, the rubber mallet however is totally downplayed. Rubber mallets are so handy! My favorite use for them is putting together pre fab furniture (think ikea). Instead of killing yourself to make everything fit perfectly, just use a rubber mallet it will make your life so much easier and won't damage the furniture!

Measuring Tape I don't really need to explain this one.

Tool Box I love this toolbox because its small enough to grab and go but big enough to put the essentials in. And lets face it, it's adorable.

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